Sunday, 23 December 2012

I'm back...

Apologies for the extended absence, peeps. 3 months since my last blog! I'm so sorry. I don't really have a valid defense, either- but I haven't really had much to report & you don't really want me wittering on about nothing now, do you?! Have just (as in, literally just!) got a spanking new HTC Windows 8X phone, so hopefully that will be the impetus to be a good Blogger... So that shall be my very early New Year's resolution to you all. And I'm pretty much guaranteed to get excited by shiny, pretty things in the sales & feel the need to share with you all 😃 So lastly, thanks for reading the debut musings of a crazy girl- hope you all have a fabulous Christmas, my dearies. Mwah. And in the immortal, soon to be over words of Gossip Girl, xoxo.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Is it wrong to love an inanimate object when it's this pretty?!

Okay, I hold my hands up- I am completely and utterly in love with my newest purchase.
I definitely didn't need another biker jacket, but I was literally powerless to resist it! I rationalised in my head- it's so cheap, it'll sell out, it's so versatile, my already owned leather jacket is a bomber- and green... never a good sign!
And so rather too gleefully, I handed over the plastic & left with my shiny new love. My gorgeous mulberry coloured, quilted detail biker jacket.
Can't wait for the weather to turn so I can wear it.
H+M, I thank you!

Friday, 3 August 2012


Just had to share my frankly awesome neon mani, as usual c/o Nails Inc. Decided to just go for it, and used all 3 neon shades from their S/S12 "Neon and Nudes" collection. Shocks even me at times when I forget they are sooo bright, but I like that! And am so in love with the pink shade, had to order a 2nd full-size bottle. A girl can never have too much nail varnish.

Or at the very least, this girl most certainly cannot! ;-)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bees, sunshine, Revenge, porn revolution & soundtracks.

So on a totally vain & shallow note (hey, at least I'm honest!) I FINALLY, FINALLY got my Alex Monroe Baby Bee necklace yesterday. And I am totally in love with "him". Anyone that knows me will be sick of hearing about said necklace. I fell in love with it when I first saw it being worn by Lesley Sharp's character on "Scott and Bailey" last year. When the second series started again in March, I decided that I *had* to have one. So I've spent the last 3mths saving up (not so) patiently. To rub it in, every celebrity worth their salt seems to be wearing Alex Monroe in some form recently! I don't usually wear gold, but I thought it looked better & as he's an investment, is classier. I love how unusual & quirky the bee is, whilst still understated and dainty. I love it!
Now I'm debating how certifiable naming a necklace is...?!

Enjoying this sudden outbreak of good weather. (In July. Who knew?!) Legs fake tanned, 50s style sundresses & skirts out quickly- I don't trust it to last, therefore am making the most of it!

My TV shows of choice at the min are definitely full on girlie guilty pleasures. Am catching up on Pretty Little Liars season 1 (would kill for Spencer's wardrobe!) & totally addicted to Revenge. Have loved Ashley Madekwe for years, so am glad she is doing so well- regularly crush on her featured outfits & it was her Ring My Bell blog that inspired this one. Love the clothes envy, glamour, intrigue & pure escapism of both shows.

Also, been totally obsessed with Fifty Shades. Not been so into a book since Twilight. Sebastian Stan or Armie Hammer are my choice Christians, with the wonderful Troian Bellisario or Emilia Clarke as Ana. And have just started recording Maison Close. As the girl well at ease with reading Secret Diary in public years ago (and being chastised for "brandishing that smut!"), I welcome this sexual revolution!!

Having a poppy, feelgood soundtrack to my summer: Fun, Ok Go & Foster The People. Oh, and The Dark Knight Rises OST. (Not so poppy!)

No mani news as my nails are still a bit shot from the Coldplay nail wraps. They may have looked fab, but they've left my nails brittle and breaking so they are still uber-short and being given serious TLC daily! I don't like my nails being in bad condition :(

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Abby :D

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Kim Sears- my idea of a "WAG"

Okay, quick post as I have to let out my appreciation for this lovely, inspirational lady somewhere. Be warned, this may just be a girl crush thing...
For those of you that don't know, Kim Sears is the longtime girlfriend of Andy Murray. She is courtside every game throughout Wimbledon- and much of the international season, and whilst she is recognisable as "the other half", she is not showy, in your face or overgesticulating in a desperate need for attention. (See also, Mrs Federer- another understated, chic and classy tennis widow).
Kim always looks beautiful in a pretty, natural way- glowy skin, preppy outfits and the fast becoming trademark silken tresses that have sparked comparisons to Kate Middleton. She is an accomplished artist (see her website) and aspiring author- and yet never uses Andy to further herself- shunning any attention, any deflecting any emphasis back to her boyfriend.
So in the age of the trashy WAG associated with football- a trend leading to the likes of the TOWIE, Made In Chelsea and The Batchelor "marry a rich husband/ find fame with no real talent or sustaining purpose" culture, I salute the pretty blonde sitting demurely at Centre Court.
Oh, and good luck Andy!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sunshine... and floods.

Inspired by my friend's beautiful nail transfers, and a photo of my style crush (and altogether lovely actress) Ashley Madekwe sporting some seriously cool neon yellow nails. Mine are a little more understated, but with my hometown flooding last week, I'll take the sunshine anywhere I can, mani's included...

Monday, 11 June 2012

Coldplay @ Manchester Etihad stadium- 10/06/12.

Wow!! Went to see Coldplay with my wonderful best friend Dani & her husband last night (Sunday, . And it was amazing! I've never been to a stadium gig before, so that was new. It also made deciding on an outfit "interesting", as the weather was quite overcast and cool. Settled on a tunic, leggings & a hoodie- with a poncho safely in my bag, alongside my decidedly kitsch glowsticks. (Like I said, it was my first outdoor gig, I was extremely excitable!) I also embraced the festival feel with feathers in my freshly-washed, wavy tresses. Thankfully, the weather was mostly accomodating and it didn't rain! It was actually kind of warm, with the sun coming out just before Robyn and Rita Ora's support slots. To the point that I was squinting into it for a while. But as if by magic, the sun had set just low enough behind the stage as Coldplay came out.
I could list my favourite songs but that, I fear- would be most of the setlist! I will give special mention to Chris valiantly re-starting "Yellow" after fluffing the lyrics, as "that's one everyone comes to hear". Certain other musicians these says would merely have shrugged off said crowd's misfortune, let alone drawn attention to such a faux pas. Kudos, Mr Martin. A personal favourite, "Paradise" gave me shivers, as did "The Scientist" although that one was for more melancholic, sentimental reasons. The rousing crowd pleaser "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" was the best song of the night in my opinion though- everyone was on their feet, grinning and singing their lungs out by this point. It was fantastic!
I know Coldplay are like Marmite- you either love them or hate them, with seemingly no middle ground- but I have always loved them (unashamedly!), and they really did not disappoint.
Admittedly, the ticket wasn't cheap, nor could I afford my "usual" gig merchandise, but the show was so remarkable- (pyrotechics, cannons raining down fluorescent tissue-paper birds & shapes, huge UV painted balloons set off into the crowd, 2 smaller stages throughout the arena in addition to the main stage and catwalks- affording a more intimate feel, and the ingenius radio-controlled LED wristbands given to each person that lit up in time with the music),  that it was more of an experience than a mere concert.
I felt like a tiny neon firefly caught up in the Coldplay magic for one special night. And it was brilliant. :D

Friday, 1 June 2012

Royal Jubilee

This lovely crown charm is my celebratory effort for the Royal Jubilee weekend. I have the utmost respect for the monarchy (somewhat uncool these days, but hey) and it is at times like this when I am proud to be British.
In other totally unrelated news, just seen the newest trailer for "The Bourne Legacy"- looks pretty damn good. But then with my huge, huge Jeremy Renner crush, I am a tad biased. Seriously though, he's a fantastic actor and a worthy successor to Matt Damon.
Happy Jubilee weekend everyone :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pastel mani!

Gorgeous bluebell, peach and jade manicure to celebrate this gorgeous sunny weather. Making the most of it; coral jeans, navy Ray-Bans and all- who knows how long it'll last?!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Blogger mobile app...

Just discovered the app, hopefully this will let me upload pics from my phone. Here goes...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bit of a spree...

Had to cut my nails right down, feels alien- I don't like it at all! Latest purchases are all lovely- can't wait to wear them: a gorgeous pale grey slouchy waterfall effect blazer from New Look, an absolutely beautiful cornflower blue lace dress from H+M & a pair of burnt-orange suede T-Bar wedge heels. Now we just need a summer...

Monday, 7 May 2012

Okay, so the white and pink crackle mani is still going strong. Which is good, cos it looks fab- both girlie and edgy. Saw Avengers Assemble again last night- every bit as awesome as. the first rime. I think I have a girlncrush on Natasha Romanoff. If I looked like the Widow, I'd be rocking that catsuit all the time! She's fierce, loyal and intelligent- live her. And her deadpan, "I don't see how that's a party." Alas, the first Bank Holiday weekend is over, and I can eek out the night no more- my bed calls, back to work tomorrow. Oh well, at least there's another Bank Hol soon. And then another for the Jubilee. Many thanks, HRH!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Manisandmadness- hello & welcome!

Hello, and welcome! So after much pontificating for the last few months, I finally went and did it. I set up my own blog. I do not claim to be witty or particularly insightful, merely sharing my own rambling thoughts from time to time. If you like it, great. If not, run along- no-one is forcing you to be here! Two of my favourite things are manicures and sci-fi, so they will probably be the predominant part of my posts, but I am also an avid reader, into fashion, beauty and make-up, and watching way more films than I should! So welcome, and read on if you will...