Saturday, 7 July 2012

Kim Sears- my idea of a "WAG"

Okay, quick post as I have to let out my appreciation for this lovely, inspirational lady somewhere. Be warned, this may just be a girl crush thing...
For those of you that don't know, Kim Sears is the longtime girlfriend of Andy Murray. She is courtside every game throughout Wimbledon- and much of the international season, and whilst she is recognisable as "the other half", she is not showy, in your face or overgesticulating in a desperate need for attention. (See also, Mrs Federer- another understated, chic and classy tennis widow).
Kim always looks beautiful in a pretty, natural way- glowy skin, preppy outfits and the fast becoming trademark silken tresses that have sparked comparisons to Kate Middleton. She is an accomplished artist (see her website) and aspiring author- and yet never uses Andy to further herself- shunning any attention, any deflecting any emphasis back to her boyfriend.
So in the age of the trashy WAG associated with football- a trend leading to the likes of the TOWIE, Made In Chelsea and The Batchelor "marry a rich husband/ find fame with no real talent or sustaining purpose" culture, I salute the pretty blonde sitting demurely at Centre Court.
Oh, and good luck Andy!

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