Monday, 11 June 2012

Coldplay @ Manchester Etihad stadium- 10/06/12.

Wow!! Went to see Coldplay with my wonderful best friend Dani & her husband last night (Sunday, . And it was amazing! I've never been to a stadium gig before, so that was new. It also made deciding on an outfit "interesting", as the weather was quite overcast and cool. Settled on a tunic, leggings & a hoodie- with a poncho safely in my bag, alongside my decidedly kitsch glowsticks. (Like I said, it was my first outdoor gig, I was extremely excitable!) I also embraced the festival feel with feathers in my freshly-washed, wavy tresses. Thankfully, the weather was mostly accomodating and it didn't rain! It was actually kind of warm, with the sun coming out just before Robyn and Rita Ora's support slots. To the point that I was squinting into it for a while. But as if by magic, the sun had set just low enough behind the stage as Coldplay came out.
I could list my favourite songs but that, I fear- would be most of the setlist! I will give special mention to Chris valiantly re-starting "Yellow" after fluffing the lyrics, as "that's one everyone comes to hear". Certain other musicians these says would merely have shrugged off said crowd's misfortune, let alone drawn attention to such a faux pas. Kudos, Mr Martin. A personal favourite, "Paradise" gave me shivers, as did "The Scientist" although that one was for more melancholic, sentimental reasons. The rousing crowd pleaser "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" was the best song of the night in my opinion though- everyone was on their feet, grinning and singing their lungs out by this point. It was fantastic!
I know Coldplay are like Marmite- you either love them or hate them, with seemingly no middle ground- but I have always loved them (unashamedly!), and they really did not disappoint.
Admittedly, the ticket wasn't cheap, nor could I afford my "usual" gig merchandise, but the show was so remarkable- (pyrotechics, cannons raining down fluorescent tissue-paper birds & shapes, huge UV painted balloons set off into the crowd, 2 smaller stages throughout the arena in addition to the main stage and catwalks- affording a more intimate feel, and the ingenius radio-controlled LED wristbands given to each person that lit up in time with the music),  that it was more of an experience than a mere concert.
I felt like a tiny neon firefly caught up in the Coldplay magic for one special night. And it was brilliant. :D

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