Saturday, 5 January 2013

New year, new hair...

I've made a few sale purchases over the last couple of weeks- I'll share them properly when I get chance. Am proud to say I was relatively restrained though, chiefly as I didn't really have the inclination to go shopping. Who knew that would ever happen?! At the urging of my shopaholic sister, I ordered some red wedge trainers and whilst I love them and they do look kind of awesome on, there's still the niggling little doubt that I am (whisper it) too old?? Never had that feeling before, is a strange one. Am sure when I style them up with some leggings or skinnies and my leather jacket, I shan't care. That's the hope, anyway... Finally went to see The Hobbit yesterday and am completely obsessed with all things Middle-Earth again. Loved the film (which, given that the LOTR trilogy are my all-time favourite films ever was almost an inevitability), but I was surprised at how much I loved it. Having never read it (working on that...) and with Bilbo's fate assured by the later films, I thought it would lack any sense of danger or peril. And yet, I found myself deeply caring about the dwarves and willing them on. Previous frenzy suggests I will remain this obsessed for a couple of months, probably coinciding with the blu-ray release to whip me up all over again! I wholeheartedly apologise in advance. (Although- don't like: don't read!) And let's face it, I never really got over Mitchell being cruelly taken from us in Being Human so to have Aidan Turner back in any form is just fine by me. Having had my hair highlighted for the first time in 8 years in December, I have now decided the time has come to get it cut. Anyone that knows me will not be surprised by this, given I am always thinking of new styles. I have been growing it for the best part of two years after a frankly traumatic haircut, and whilst I like it long, I am bored!! I fantasise long hair that I will curl and do all manner of things with. The reality is, I usually leave it down or stick it in a ponytail to keep it back. Occasionally I will put it in a bun or curl it, but I would like a cut that actually looks nice just left alone and has some shape to it. Years of colour/ styling detox have left it in gorgeous condition so hopefully a good cut will enhance that. Have been in love with Stana Katic's choppy mid-length style circa Castle season 2 for months, so I think the new year is the perfect time to get it done. I just have to summon the courage for the required salon visit again now... eek.